Becky Van Pelt having traveled extensively is the contributing factor to the diversity of her art, from Key West to  Alaska, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Bermuda, Canada, Monaco, Bahama & Virgin islands.  Her Abstractism art, is a vivid of hues fluidly applied over what most would consider a finished painting.  The outcome is a burst of vibrant colors juxtaposed, rendering a magnificent composition of tranquility.

Jane Hilton expresses her love for the country and animals that which surround her on canvas.  Her realism style of painting is flawless,  while  capturing the atmospheric perception, allowing you to feel the mood and time of day.   She depicts Florida's back wood, presenting a genuine sense of unmazed heaven on earth.

Diania Croy loves the creative process of art.  Having studied with many talented artists, she has mastered the craft.  Her landscapes invite you to explore tranquil settings, while emitting a zen like effect.  Her palette is primary cool colors offering a soothing balance.



Lee Blizard pays close attention to detail,  prefering pen and ink, however she is an accomplished artists in many mediums.   Lee is a published author of "The First Rosalie of Philadelphia" and "The Diary of Benjamin Reynolds"